Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Passwords Mirrored as Greek, Cyrillic, etc.

Introducing "PassWord Mirror" a Windows program you can download for free. It changes English sentences to use Greek, Cyrillic, or other alphabets. You can customize this transliteration. It can reverse the transliterations to get English back from Greek. It is an alphabetic substitution cipher. It was written in the C# language on the .NET integrated development environment. The source code and the compiled program are placed in the public domain. They are not copyrighted. Please copy the program, quote it, misquote it, take it out of context, plagiarize it, but please use it.

Install PassWord Mirror 4.2 with this wizard that is partially under the control of the Microsoft Overlords: http://nutron.folmsbee.com/Alan/drums/pwd4/setup.exe

The installation worked for me using the Microsoft Internet Explorer but not with the Firefox browser.
Get the C# source code here: http://nutron.folmsbee.com/Alan/drums/pwd4/Form1.cs
This program was written using Toyon Jungle Technology. Cuneiform is not supported. See the Cuneiform Test essay, below.
December 31, 2010
Kona, Hawaii

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Make Greek

Introducing "Make Greek".
Ιντροδυcινγ "Μακε Γρεεκ".
It is a program that runs on Windows XP and Intel compatible microprocessors.
Ιτ ισ α προγραμ τηατ ρυνσ ον Ωινδοωσ ΧΠ ανδ Ιντελ cομπατιβλε μιcροπροcεσσορσ.
The Greek_05.application program can be downloaded for free.
Τηε Γρεεκ_05.εχε προγραμ cαν βε δοωνλοαδεδ φορ φρεε.
You can paste some English text in one window and push the Make Greek button.
Ξου cαν παστε σομε Ενγλιση τεχτ ιν ονε ωινδοω ανδ πυση τηε Μακε Γρεεκ βυττον.
The output window then shows the same text, but using Greek letters.
Τηε ουτπυτ ωινδοω τηεν σηοωσ τηε σαμε τεχτ, βυτ υσινγ Γρεεκ λεττερσ.
The program is only 12k bytes in size.
Τηε προγραμ ισ ονλξ 12κ βξτεσ ιν σιζε.
The programming language that I used was the Microsoft Visual C# 2008 Express.
Τηε προγραμμινγ λανγυαγε τηατ Ι υσεδ ωασ τηε Μιcροσοφτ Ψισυαλ C# 2008 Εχπρεσσ.
That is a free compiler that uses the free .NET integrated development environment (IDE).
Τηατ ισ α φρεε cομπιλερ τηατ υσεσ τηε φρεε .ΝΕΤ ιντεγρατεδ δεψελοπμεντ ενψιρονμεντ (ΙΔΕ).
The 24 Greek letters had c and j added to make 26 letters:
αβcδεφγηι jκλμνοπθ ρστυψωχξζ
abcdefghi jklmnopq rstuvwxyz